Local Teachers :

XinLai Zhou (周新來老師)

  Teacher Zhou, Xin-Lai is a well-known Beijing Opera actor specializing in warrior (武生)and old man (老生) roles. He sings and fighs while performing his role. Teacher Zhou began learning opera at the age of five with his father, Zhou Shao-Lo, a famous warrior actor, and his uncle, Zhou Chung-Bo, a well-known actor of old man characters.
Xin-Lai studied with various famous teachers for four years until 1977 when he began performing with the Da Lian Beijing Opera Troupe. He has performed in many provinces in China as a guest artist before coming to the US. He has toured Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Portugal as a member of the Da Lian Beijing Opera Troupe. Xin-Lai has been living and performing in the United States since 1998 and is an active actor and well-known opera educator in US.

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Alice Lee (胡小鳳老師)
Teacher Alice Lee, Hu laoshi, studied Peking opera at Da-Peng opera performing school, one of the famous performing art schools that has trained many professional opera actors and actresses. Teacher Hu is specialized in all female roles including QingYi (青衣), young girl (花旦),female worrier (刀马旦, 武旦). After graduating from school, teacher Hu has performed Chinese opera and dance around the country. Teacher Hu is a Chinese dance teacher in many Chinese schools.

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Rose Kuo (張如蕙老師)
When Rose Kuo (teacher Chang) was a teenager, she started liking Chinese opera. She studied Peking opera with several famous Peking opera actresses such as Dai, Chi-Xia (戴綺霞), 李義利,李光玉, 陸義萍,王鐵本. She is specialized in Qing Yi (青衣), a female role.

During these 20 years, teacher Chang has performed in many major events in different states around the US. Her famous pieces include "Chun-Qiu Pei" (春秋配), The drunken beauty (貴妃醉酒), Zou-Gong (坐宫),YuZhouFeng (宇宙锋). In 2005, teacher Chang attended Tian-Jin He-Ping cup Peking opera competition and received a good performance award.

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Rosa Yeh (石鴻珍老師)
Rosa Yeh (teacher Shih) learned Chinese opera martial arts and dance at FuXing Peking Opera school when she was a teenager. Teacher Shih studied opera with several world recognized Peking opera performers such as Dai, Chi-Xia (戴綺霞), Hu, ShaoAn (胡少安), Lee, Zhongfang (李中芳). She has performed at the national level performing center when she was a student.
As a graduate student, teacher Shih started to teach Chinese dance and language in the Chinese schools in the United State. Since then she frequently brought her students and performed at local community in the Midwest and east coast. She started to perform Chinese opera in the Chicago area after year 2000. She is specialized in young girl, hua tan (花旦)and female worrior (刀馬旦) role. Opera pieces she performed include cowboy and country girl (小放牛), pickup the jade bracelet (拾玉鐲), white snake story (遊湖借傘) and 銀空山.

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Distance Learning Teachers :

Bai, YingTang (白蔭棠老師)

 Teacher Bai, YingTang, a national well-known Peking opera actor specialized in Jing (淨),painted face male role. Teacher Bai majors in Peking opera from The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. He studied with world famous Peking opera performers, 孙盛文,宋富亭,赵荣鑫. Teacher Bai is a former teacher of Peking Opera Troupe of Beijing and member of Chinese dramatists Association. Over thirty years of teaching and performing, teacher Bai's famous Chinese opera pieces include "Yellow Crane Tower"《黄鹤楼》,"Tigers Village"《恶虎村》,"Outcast"《挑滑车》,and "Sha Jia Bang"《沙家浜》. He performed with many international well-known actors such as 袁世海,张春华,李长春,叶少兰 etc..
Teacher Bai is not only an opera actor but also a drama director and writer. His drama work received many national price awards. Teacher Bai has performed in Japan, Yugoslavia, Croatia, the United States, Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions for various cultural exchange events.

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Chi, XiuGuang (池秀光老師)
  Teacher Chi studied at The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts in 1960。 Her major is in HeNan BangZi(河南梆子) and Peking opera performance. She studied with national well-known teachers, 苏彩凤, 程玉菁,杨韵青, 马宗惠 for all female roles. Her famous pieces include 《柜中缘》,《樊江关》,《穆桂英挂帅》,《墙头记》,《佘赛花》,and farewell my concubine《霸王别姬》.

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Tang,RuiLang (唐瑞蘭老師)
Teacher Tang is a professional Peking opera performer and opera teacher who completed over 10 years professional training at FuXing Peking Opera school (current National Taiwan college of performing arts). She is specialized in all female roles. Teacher Tang has studied with many world famous Peking opera performers. Currently, she is an active Peking opera actress performing in many countries.

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