Posture and Movement

This class focuses on traditional dance basic skill, posture, and movment such as walking (走步), running on stage (圓場), cloud hands (雲手), sleeves (水袖), strike a post on the stage (亮相), twisted fish (臥魚) etc..Read more

Opera Singing (唱腔)

Opera singing class covers singing, talking, pronunciation, opera aria, and articulation.
Student will learn popular plots and act with different roles during the classes.
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Opera Weapon (把子功)

Chinese opera weapon technique combines dance, martial arts, and acrobatic movements while singing and acting.
In the opera weapon class, students will learn the use long weapons such as long-handled spear, and staff; short weapons such as sword, broadsword, double swords and bare hands combat.
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Martial Arts basic skill (毯子功)

In this class, students will learn martial arts (KungFu) basic skill which includes jumping, tumbling, kicking, sweeping and stretch leg.Read more

TangMa (趟馬)

Tang Ma is a set of stylized movements in the Chinese opera to indicate that one is riding or galloping on a horse. This is a special acting technique utilizing a horse whip and dance movement to express horse riding and galloping. Read more

Opera Make-up (京劇化妝)

Opera facial makeup is one of the distinctive technique of face painting.
Students will learn and practice opera makeup for female (Dan 旦) and male (Sheng 生).

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Seminar and Performance

During the school year, seminar will be given to introduce opera music, music instruments, characters and roles, stage setup, costumes, and opera plots. Students will learn opera plot and practice perforamnce skills. Read more

Colorful Masks (京劇臉譜)

Opera mask (or face painting) is a special face painting art. In the Chinese opera, color and shape symbolize a character's personality, role, and fate.
Various Peking opera masks and meaning of color will be introduced to students. Interaction activities will be given during the class.
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What's New :

  • 3004Online Registration
    Opera Class Open Registration.
    Click here for Online Registration.
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  • 1008NCLSA Dinner Performance
    Battle of Chang-Ban-Po (趙子龍大戰長坂坡) features famous Chinese opera actor,Zhou, XinLai, interpreting general Zhao, Yun battled with Cao Cao and rescued the child lord at Chang-Ban-Po. The performance will be held at Culture Center, Westmont 7:00pm.
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  • 1108Peking Opera Showcase

    1:00pm-4:00pm at
    55 E 63rd St, Westmont, IL
    Event Hightlight:
    - Showcase Peking Opera: Monkey King, The Drunken Beauty.
    - Learn Opera Face makeup, opera movement, basic martial arts skill.
    - Group lesson and Private lesson are available.
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