Chicago North Chinese School (CNCS)

*** Newsletter ***

November 11, 2001

1. Chinese Speech Contest:

The Chinese Speech Competition was held on October 28 and the winners are listed on page 1. This year, the sixth group was also implemented for students from non-Mandarin-speaking families, in an attempt to encourage participation of these students. The first place winners from each group represented our school at the Chicago Area Chinese Speech Contest held on November 3. Thanks for everyone’ effort to make the event success!!!!!

2. Important Dates:


Class Picture Day (Taking photos for Yearbook 2002)


No School (Thanksgiving)


Last Day of fall semester, Elective classes will still on

3. Parents on Duty

Duty list will be displayed on the school office board.

Please remember to show up on the dates that you are on duty. If you do not show up, the $50 deposit will be forfeited. This means that you will need to pay the deposit again when you register your child for next year.

4. Snacks safety� If a student is known to be (or suspected to be) allergic to any kind of food, parents are advised to bring your own snacks.

5. After dismissed from Chinese School on 4pm, please keep quiet in the main lobby. We should not disturb the people in the library of Oakton Community College.

6. CNCS collected donations from parents and students on Sept 30 and Oct 7 for the East Coast disaster relief. A total of $ 657.26 was collected and sent to American Red Cross. We thank those who contributed and thank especially the students in Class 5A who enthusiastically donated their changes.

7. We have installed new metal shelves in the storeroom to ease the current congestion. In order to further enhance the utilization of this space, we have rented an outside storage space for items we do not need for our weekly operation such as textbooks. We are also going to make space in this newly organized storeroom for teachers to store their class teaching materials. A new computer working bench will be added to accommodate the desk top computer and a laser printer. Special thanks are extended to Mr. E Kwan Chan for his help in purchasing and installing the metal shelves as well as moving items to our rental storage space.

8. Shop and Share Program from Di-Ho Supermarket:

Di-Ho Supermarket continues to sponsor the shop and share program for Chinese Schools. For every ten dollars you spend at the store, our school will receive 50 cents from the company. When you go to the store at Westmont, please do not forget to have your receipt signed by the cashier, If you go to store on Dempster (Morton Grove) you need to fill out a from and have it signed by the cashier also. You can pick up the form at the school office. All receipts need to be turned in the school office to process.

9.Changes of administrative officers: Secretary Jenny Wu has taken the treasurer’s job that was open at the beginning of the school year. Our new secretary, Cheng-Fang Huang (parent of 5A and 1A) started her service in October.

10.Our school will join President Bush’s “America’s Fund for Afghan Children”, in an attempt to bring our students’ awareness of the children in Afghanistan who suffer in the war. Teachers will collect donations from students and record their names. The donations and sign-up sheets will be collected in early December and sent to the White House with a formal letter from CNCS. Please help support the program.

11. The official address for our school is:

Chicago North Chinese School

P.O. Box 1061

Des Plaines, IL 60017

12. Parking Safety Reminder